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Your Money Turns on a Dime.

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What We Do For You!

Investment Planning

Whether your goal is generating income, maximizing growth, or balancing risk and return, we will design an investment portfolio aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Building Wealth

We believe that wealth is not just about how much money you have— it's about what you do with it. We are committed to helping you plan for your future, grow wealth, and achieve financial security.

Retirement Living

Caplo is here to help you get your finances in order so that you can live the rest of your life on your terms. We'll evaluate your assets and expenses to determine how much you'll need to save and invest each year to fund the retirement you desire.

How We Guide You

1. Get to Know Caplo

It begins with you getting in touch! After filling out a contact form, a calendar link and a 'Get To Know Caplo' packet will be sent via email.
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2. Getting to Know You

Our advisors get to know you personally through in-depth conversations about your financial situation, priorities, and objectives. We take the time to understand your unique needs and financial goals.

3. Build an Asset Map

We use institutional-level planning software and trusted investment solutions to build custom plans based on your unique financial situation. Diving deep into essential areas like assets, liabilities, family, etc.
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4. Think About the Future

Using your financial information and goals, we develop a personalized financial plan with specific recommendations to help optimize your financial well-being. This comprehensive plan provides an overview of your current financial situation and a roadmap for achieving your goals and preparing for life's major milestones.

5. Start Your Journey

By gaining a clear view of your entire financial landscape, we'll have the knowledge to create the plan you need to live the life you want. The start of your journey is implementing those plans into your life. 
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6. Check-In

We are here to help! We take pride in our relationships and check in with our clients monthly to keep you accountable and on the right path.

Who is Caplo?

Caplo Advisory Is a New Type Of
Wealth Management Firm

At Caplo Advisory, we employ creative financial planning strategies tailored specifically for each client, based on their financial situation, values, and objectives. We understand that every person's needs and journey are different. Our advisors take the time to listen, ask the right questions, and co-create a plan that aligns money with what really matters.

Caplo Advisory goes beyond just managing investments or tax planning. We provide guidance and expertise to help clients navigate life's complex financial decisions with confidence and clarity.

Business Plan

Meet the CEO

John Paul Capistran

CEO/Senior Advisor

JP graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA in Finance and Marketing. For the past 20 years, JP has worked on developing the perfect financial planning process to help individuals and businesses obtain financial success. JP believes capital should empower you to reach your financial goals while establishing financial freedom. 

Ready to Build Your Wealth?

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