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Who Would You Trust For Financial Advice?

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Tired of dealing with the red tape, fear mongering, and exclusivity of the traditional finance world?

Caplo Advisory Helps You See Finance Differently.

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Are You Scared of Your Financial Advisor Only Caring About The Commission? 

We're not those guys. Here's the difference:
Big Box Finance
  • Vague Financial Planning

  • High Management Fees 

  • High Minimum Income Requirements

  • Unreachable Financial Advisors

  • Unique & Detailed Financial Plans

  • Low Management Fees

  • No Income Minimum

  • Monthly Check-ins

What Should You Know About Your New Advisor?

John Paul Capistran, known to friends and colleagues as JP, is a living example of how effective strategic financial planning can be. Before earning a BBA in Finance and Marketing degree from the University of Houston, JP spent most of his early professional life in the financial services industry. Little did he know that his academic foundation would be the launching pad for a prolific career in wealth management two decades later.

Over the years, JP efficiently managed assets amounting to $200 million, leaving a permanent mark on the retirement planning and pension programs for major hospitals in the Houston Medical Center. He believes that money should serve as an empowering force in achieving financial goals and establishing financial freedom.

After recognizing the conventional copy-and-paste methods many other advisors were utilizing during the financial planning process, JP dedicated himself to developing an alternative, more creative, method aimed at guiding both individuals and businesses toward financial success regardless of their financial status.


What Can Caplo Advisory Do For You?

Financial Planning

Our approach to creative financial planning involves a thorough evaluation of one’s money situation and expectations for the future. i.e., income, spending, debt, and savings.

Investment Management

Whether your goal is generating income, maximizing growth, or balancing risk and return, we will design an investment portfolio aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Insurance & Tax Planning

We believe that wealth is not just about how much money you have— it's about what you do with it. We are committed to helping you plan for your future, grow wealth, and achieve financial security.

Retirement Living

Caplo is here to help you get your finances in order so that you can live the rest of your life on your terms. We'll evaluate your assets and expenses to determine how much you'll need to save and invest each year to fund the retirement you desire.

What Do You Gain From Caplo?

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