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Case Clients:


Get a handle on her debt and pay off her student loans.
The Situation

Evelyn has recently graduated with her PhD and has been working as a waitress the past 6 years. Loans, cost of living, and expenses have caught up to her, but now as a licensed therapist at a private rehabilitation center, she wants to focus on getting her debt consolidated and paid off so she can eventually purchase a home and travel. ‍Evelyn understands she hasn’t handled her money in the best way. Despite racking up student loans, she opened several department store cards and has been living on credit since she’s been in college. She dreams of being debt-free, with only 2-3 credit cards and being able to take a couple international trips throughout the year. She would also like to purchase a home in a few years.

The Approach

Evelyn knows she needs an advisor to help hold her accountable, but also to help her understand her finances better. She really hasn’t had anyone in her life take the time to teach her what to do with her money. She feels so much anxiety around her decisions of how she spends her money. She knows she needs an advisor who will help automate her savings, regulate her income, pay off her remaining student loans, save for a downpayment, and invest for the future.

The Results

The plan Evelyn got was exactly what she was looking for:

• It helped her figure out a method to put her income into an account that she used to pay herself a regular salary every month
• We created a reverse budget for her that automated her savings and investments first, then let her spend what is left. This helps ensure she doesn’t overspend .
• Came up with a plan to refinance her private student loans since they were high interest and showed her how much to pay towards them every month
• Helped her understand how much and what she should be investing in with her retirement accounts inside and outside of work
• How and how much to save for the condo on a monthly basis and when she would be at the point to afford what she wants

It also showed Olivia what her net worth was and how on track she was for her retirement goals .

Caplo Advisory Effect

Evelyn has always felt anxious about money and guilt for how she has spent it. But now… after seeing her plan she finally feels good about where she is at. She realized she was actually doing a lot of things right, she just needed some help to do the things she never learned about.| Now within the next 3 years she will have her student loans paid off and the ability to put a down payment on a condo.

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