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Case Clients:

Phillip & Sarah

32 and 31
Architect and Teacher
Purchase their first home within a year and start a family.
The Situation

Phillip and Sarah do well in their respective careers, but they have not been the best with putting money aside for savings. Instead, they continuously spend their money on trips and dinners. Married for 2 years, they are eager to purchase their first home and begin having children soon. They want an expert to help them make smart financial decisions now, so that they can continue to travel with their children and start putting aside money for their children’s future.

The Approach

Phillip and Sarah weren't sure where to start, so they wanted to hire a financial planner who has done this many times before for people just like them.

They wanted to be involved in the process and empowered to choose what is best for their family, and they wanted peace of mind knowing that the decisions were being made with professional guidance, knowing that they aren't going at it alone.

The Results

Phillip and Sarah were excited to get started with a financial planner who did more than just help with investments.

They received a comprehensive plan that incorporated:

  • A low cost tax-efficient investment strategy for retirement ‍

  • Cash flow planning to help figure out how to use their surplus for college, retirement, and everything in between‍ 

  • Life insurance analysis to make sure their family was protected against events that could drastically hurt their financial picture ‍ 

  • College savings plan utilizing the best accounts for flexibility and taxes 

  • Automation for their investments and savings so they don’t have to spend time manually doing this every month 

  • A plan to show what life would look life if one salary was at 50% and 0% so they could determine what the best strategy would be for them moving forward

Caplo Advisory Effect

Now Phillip and Sarah have a clear picture of where they are and where they're going. They're on track for all of their goals and feel empowered in their decisions. ‍ The best part about it all is that they finally have peace of mind around their finances and feel ready to have a family knowing that one of them can stay at home with the kids and raise them themselves.

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