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Guide To A Financial Vision Board and How It Can Prepare You For A Financial Plan

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Like a financial plan, many people undervalue the significance of a financial vision board. Both are invaluable when making plans and they complement one another. A vision board can help you picture exactly where you want to be financially and give you an idea of the goals you'll put inside your financial plan. This is where a financial planner will document in detail what those goals are and the steps you have to take based on your current financial status. While it's easy to envision these goals, turning them into reality often needs a bit of focus and inspiration. Here's our guide to making a vision board to help you prepare for your financial plan.

Step 1: Dream Big and Define Goals Start by picturing where you want to be financially – not just next year but in five or ten years. It could be about saving, investing, or paying off debts. Setting clear goals is the first step toward making them happen.

Step 2: Collect Your Vision Flip through those magazines or browse the internet for images and words that scream "your financial future." Whether it's a cozy home, a high savings account, family vacations, or words that motivate you, gather them up.

Step 3: Get Crafty and Organize

Now comes the fun part – arrange those images on your board. Create sections for different financial aspects, like savings, investments, or even that emergency fund you've been planning.

Step 4: Keep It Visible

Once your masterpiece is ready, find a place where you'll see it every day. It could be your bedroom wall or in your workspace – wherever you'll get that daily dose of inspiration!

Step 5: Action, Action, Action

A vision board is just the beginning. Use it as a guide to help you solidify your goals. Take those goals and vision to a financial planner to bring them to life. Final Thought

Your financial vision board is more than a dream collage; it's a potent tool steering your financial journey. Stay connected to it—it's a constant reminder of your goals.

Crafting a financial vision board isn't just arts and crafts; it's about manifesting the future you aspire to. It's essential to have a financial plan as it provides a roadmap for your goals, guiding your decisions and actions. A financial plan gives direction and purpose to your financial journey, ensuring you stay on track towards your desired destination.


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