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Plan. Grow. Live.

Creative and Comprehensive Financial Planning to Help All Generations Reach Financial Success

Caplo Advisory Brand

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I’m John Paul Capistran, the CEO of Caplo Advisory. I’m thrilled to have you here. Our journey towards addressing your needs begins with a personalized one-on-one phone call. I invite you to schedule a meeting with me at your convenience, where we can discuss your financial requirements in detail.


Who is Caplo?

Caplo Advisory Is a New Type Of Financial Planning Firm

Caplo Advisory is a financial planning and advisory firm that provides creative financial strategies for individuals, families, and businesses.


Traditionally, financial management was a tool only utilized by the wealthy. In today’s world, individuals are more informed and want to make wise decisions with their money. This is where Caplo comes in. We are here to provide simple yet effective financial plans for ALL modern-day situations and help our customers achieve their financial goals and live out their future dreams.

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We Are Not Your

Old-Fashioned Financial Advisor

Shady Finance Accountant

Finance Bro from NY

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Why is Financial Planning Complicated?

There may be many factors that could prevent an individual from taking that first step in reaching out to a financial advisor. Many of those reasons are psychological; fear of judgment about their financial situation, lack of trust due to negative perceptions about financial advisors, or simply, concern about changing your entire lifestyle. Your money is such a personal aspect of your life that you may feel a little vulnerable discussing the topic with a stranger. These are all understandable reasons!

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How Do We Make it Straight-Forward?

Overcoming these barriers often requires much patience and understanding from both the individual seeking financial advice and the advisor. Caplo aims to build a trusting relationship and create a comfortable environment for open communication. We know these are crucial steps in helping individuals feel more at ease discussing financial topics and we will work collectively in overcoming any hurdles keeping you from living out your dreams. 


What Can We Do For You?

Financial Planning

At Caplo, we develop creative plans that are tailored and effective to modern-day situations.

Investment Management

Whether your goal is generating income, maximizing growth, or balancing risk and return, we will design an investment portfolio aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Insurance & Tax Planning

We believe that wealth is not just about how much money you have— it's about what you do with it. We are committed to helping you plan for your future, grow wealth, and achieve financial security.

Retirement Living

Caplo is here to help you get your finances in order so that you can live the rest of your life on your terms. We'll evaluate your assets and expenses to determine how much you'll need to save and invest each year to fund the retirement you desire.

How Do We Guide You Through Your Financial Journey?

Capo Financial Plan

1. Get to Know Caplo

Initiate the process by reaching out to us. Once you’ve completed a contact form and scheduled a consult, we will send you a Consultation Packet.

Capo Financial Plan

2. Getting to Know You

Our advisors get to know you personally through in-depth conversations about your financial situation, priorities, and objectives.

Caplo Journey

3. Build an Asset Map

With the information provided, we use institutional-level planning softwares to create a custom financial snapshot of your current financial status.

Capo Financial Plan

4. Think About the Future

Our advisors then use your financial snapshot, goals, and objectives to create a comprehensive plan that provides a tactical roadmap to straighten up your current financial situation.

5. Start Your Journey

Capo Financial Plan

With a clear view of your entire financial landscape, we can start implementing the strategies created inside of your plan and prepare for life’s major milestones while keeping you accountable.

Capo Financial Plan

6. Check-In

We are here to help! We take pride in our relationships and check in with our clients monthly to keep you accountable and on the right path.

Caplo Journey

Meet the CEO

JP Capistran | CEO | Senior Advisor | Financial Planner

John Paul Capistran

CEO/Senior Advisor

JP's commitment to the Houston community is represented by his role as Treasurer on the Houston Art Alliance committee and his contributions as a Board Member of Neartown Little League. He is also the Founder and President of a nonprofit, Meeting of The Minds - this organization serves as a dynamic platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and support one another.

During the global pandemic of 2020, JP made a vital decision to break away from the traditional corporate framework and become an independent fiduciary. This marked the dawn of Caplo Advisory, a firm committed to changing the way Millennials and those of Gen Z approach their financial futures. Drawing from his own experiences and struggles, JP incorporated business planning into the core of his practice, feeling a responsibility to guide fellow business owners navigating similar challenges.

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